Drama (75 minutes)


Charlotte (f, early 20s)

Alex (m, mid 20s)

A woman and a man meet on a night out. Nothing will ever be the same again.

This play looks at what is commonly known as ‘date rape’ from the perspective of both the woman and the man, from when they first meet to the trial and its aftermath.

The audience hears the truth within the play but has to decide who they believe. This is a subject which has taken on an even greater relevance following recent news events.

The play is currently being developed with Fabricate Theatre.


Drama (100 minutes)


Anthony (m, mid 20s)

Dominic (m, mid 30s)

Fenella (f, late 50s)

Charlotte (f, late 20s)

Roddy (m, mid 50s)

A family at war with itself is thrown into even greater turmoil by the arrival of a handsome stranger while, back home, terrorism strikes.

This full length play examines modern terrorism through the prism of a family falling apart. Set in a Tuscan villa, the family feel insulated from the terrors of the world, even when there is a bomb attack back home in London.

However, the arrival of Anthony, a mysterious and, it transpires, dangerous young man demonstrates that they are not as safe as they think.

I am currently developing this play with a director.

THE GRAND (2018)

Drama (90 minutes)


Edith (f, late 20s)

Frank (m, mid 20s)

Paula (f, 30)

Gerard (m, mid 40s)

Mairead (f, 50)

Adam (m, mid 30s)

Gita (f, mid 20s)

Lara (f, early 20s)

One room, three wars, many lives torn apart.

This play is written in three sections, each set in the same room of the Grand Hotel in Brighton on the same day at three different points in history: September 11 in 1943, 1982 and 2001.

It examines the way wider conflict impacts ordinary lives and the way warfare itself has evolved.

The first scene of act three was given a rehearsed reading at the Actors’ Temple in London in May 2017. The first scene of the play was workshopped at Southwark Playhouse in August 2017.