RED OR BLUE? (2016)

Comedy (10 minutes)


Laura (f)

Harry (m)

He said it was red, she said it was blue. And neither is going to let it go.

This comedy play takes a simple, apparently innocuous argument and follows it through to its violent conclusion.

It was first staged at Hackney Showrooms by Itch and Scratch in May 2016. Further performances followed at Theatre N16 in Balham in September 2016 (Second Sons Theatre), Southwark Playhouse in March 2017 (Velvet Trumpet) and Ten Dome at the 2017 Edinburgh festival fringe (Comedians Theatre Company).

The play then reached the final of the 2017 British Theatre Challenge and was performed at Stockwell Playhouse in October 2017 where it finished runner-up in the audience appreciation award.

Red or Blue? was published by Lazy Bee Scripts in January 2018.



Drama (7 minutes)


Female (mid 40s)

‘She was sat outside on her own when I noticed her.’

Nohting to Declare.JPG

This short play was part of an evening called Nothing to Declare (Directors Cut Theatre). The brief was that a woman was travelling through Europe and writers had to imagine various meetings and encounters she had.

The Woman in the Restaurant features an unnamed woman trapped in an unhappy marriage who sees in the traveller a free spirit.




Comedy (15 minutes)


Bev (f)

Emily (f)

Paula (f)

Izzy (f)

Delilah (f)

I was chosen to take part in Play in a Day, produced by Emberfly Theatre. Writers were given a day to write a play. Actors and a director then had a day to rehearse it before a performance in the evening.

I was given five female actors to write for and came up with a comedy set in the world of low-rent daytime TV. A presenting pair host a daily morning show but one of them has slept with the husband of one of their guests.

Queens of Daytime was performed at the studio theatre at The Churchill in Bromley in June 2017.


BRAVE (2017)

Dark comedy (10 minutes)


Phil (m, late 20s)

‘They keep saying how brave I am. I’m not.’

This is a monologue about a man diagnosed with cancer who is continually told how brave he is. Except he isn’t. He’s scared and confused.

The idea was to use black comedy to examine a serious subject. Brave was selected by Second Sons Theatre for a night of short plays at The Bunker Theatre in September 2017.


THE TEMP (2017)

Comedy/drama (10 minutes)


Russell (m, 40)

Russell has become infatuated with the new office temp Tom – he just hasn’t told his wife.

This monologue tells the story of someone trapped by circumstance and convention, finally facing up to the truth about himself.

This short play was selected by Full Disclosure theatre company for Xposed, a night of LGBT themed stories, in November 2017. It was performed at Hen and Chickens in London.



Comedy (10 minutes)


Laura (f)

Anita (f)

They’ve stolen the president’s brain – so what do they do now?

Brave New Word theatre company had a call-out for short plays based on the theme Utopia/Dystopia and this was my response.

Two female surgeons steal Donald Trump’s brain and have to decide whether they have done the right thing for the world.

Grab ‘Em by the Cerebellum was performed at the Arcola Theatre in February 2018.

SKIN(NY) (2018)

Comedy/drama (10 minutes)

Carl is turning 21 but he isn’t happy. And he isn’t eating.

This is a monologue about a young man suffering from body image issues and hos own identity. It was performed by Dominic Jones at Xposed at Southwark Playhouse in November 2018.